“I have and will continue to seek out any opportunity
to work with Robert again and again.”

– Lara Partridge, Macquarie Group

Robert’s Approach
to Speaking

Robert delivers engaging keynotes on topics as wide-ranging as happiness, courage, and hospitality. He has a background in theater and brings his comfort with the stage to every presentation. He is funny and improvisational but does not let humor distract from the importance of his message. Robert believes that the best presentations do not focus solely on content but rather on the relationship between the presenter and the audience. As a result, he crafts each presentation with a specific audience in mind, tailoring content and experimenting with style to make the largest possible impact. Robert feels equally comfortable with giving short, TED-style keynotes as he does with running multi-day experiential workshops or thousand-person distance learning sessions. Robert has presented at an enormous range of conferences, including virtual conferences, and is equally adept while presenting on-site or via distance.


Examples of Robert’s past presentations include: 

“Your Happiest Days are Behind You” (TEDxUNLV)

“Happiness Across the Lifespan” (Invited keynote for AARP)

“The Upside of Your Dark Side” (Invited keynote at the Happiness and Its Causes conference in Sydney, Australia)

“The Health-Happiness Link” (Invited keynote presented to Adventist Health)

“Money and Happiness” (Closing keynote for the Financial Planners Association of America)

“Social Happiness” (Invited address to the World Government Summit- Dubai)

“The Psychology of Courage” (Invited keynote to the Professional Convention Management Association)

Training and Consultation

Robert has worked with small to large companies in more than a dozen countries. He has provided workshops for Deloitte, Avery-Denison, Kaiser Permanente, Standard Chartered Bank, Australia Department of Defense, Vancouver Public Schools, Airbnb, and Ruby Receptionists,
among others. As with his speaking, Robert enjoys working with clients to understand their specific cultural and sector needs and tailoring his work to suit. He focuses heavily on interactive sessions with an emphasis on building practical skills to boost performance, teamwork, and engagement. The best workshops are those that are highly participatory and Robert brings exactly that to his onsite trainings as well as those offered by distance. Robert is also capable of advising on pre- and post-workshop measurement.


Examples of Robert’s past workshops include:

“The Emerging Leaders Program” Standard Chartered Bank

“Less Complaining, More Positivity in Education” Bastow Institute (Australia)

“Strengths-based Management” Singapore Civil Service College

“Strengths for Occupational Therapists” Hong Kong Health Authority

“Happiness: A Masterclass” London City Hall

Coach Training

There is, perhaps, nowhere that Robert’s skillset is more apparent than his training of professionals in the use of coaching skills. Robert is an ICF certified coach, a Gallup certified strengths coach, and among the world’s foremost authorities in positive psychology coaching. At his coach training company, Positive Acorn, he emphasizes the importance of professional ethics and mentor coaching and supervision as methods for enabling coaching mastery. His program holds the ACSTH designation from the International Coach Federation. Robert has trained novice and expert coaches and does so both onsite and via distance learning.


Examples of Coach Training Programs Robert has designed include:

Robert’s own Positive Psychology Coach Training Program, an ICF ACSTH Accredited Program—Positive Acorn


“ADAPT Health Coach Program” A 15-month pre-practicum and practicum program—The Kresser Institute

“Strengths-based Coaching” A 5-day workshop for the Inntal Institut—Germany

“Positive Psychology Coaching” A training program for The School of Positive Psychology- Singapore, delivered both onsite and via distance

“Positive Psychology Coaching” An 8-week training for coaches at Humana Healthcare

Curriculum Development

Dr. Biswas-Diener does not always need to be on stage to contribute to programming. He enjoys designing curricula for use by a wide range of organizations, including creating instructional materials such as instructor manuals, test banks, and other pedagogic aids. He also consults on the overall structure, instructional design, specific lesson planning, and delivery of a
range of wellbeing programming. Robert understands best practices in education for both traditional classroom and distance learning.

Examples of Curricula Robert has designed include:

“First Year Thrive” The creation of instructor manuals for, UThrive, a first-year college-based wellbeing program

“Wellbeing at Work” A self-paced continuing education program at Maryland University of Integrative Studies

“Positive Psychology Coaching” A graduate certificate for School of Positive Psychology- Singapore

“Sabbatical Coaching Program” An approach to coaching employees before, during and after an earned sabbatical—Ruby Receptionists

“Understanding Happiness” A self-paced learning program offered by Positive Acorn


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2023 Engagements

January 9th

“Positive Psychology Coaching”


February  23th 
Society for Personality and Social Psychology- Atlanta
“Open Education in Psychology”


March 25th
WOHASU- Lake Como, Italy
“Lessons from the Science of Happiness”


June 16-22
The School of Positive Psychology- Singapore
“Positive Psychology Coaching”


July 20th
International Positive Psychology Association- Vancouver
“New Developments in Positive Psychology Coaching”


July 22nd

International Positive Psychology Association- Vancouver

“Integrating Positive Psychology Coaching and Coaching Psychology”